How are you doing mobile marketing at the moment?

Are you using it as part of a multichannel marketing strategy, or, are you just using it on its own. Mobile marketing can be very powerful on its own. But, as part of a multichannel marketing strategy, it is even MORE powerful. Big brands already know the POWER of mobile. They know that there are billions of people out there with SMART PHONES. They know that 50% of people surveyed use a phone to browse the web and browse products. They know that they open SMS messages (and email) on the go. They know all that, but, still, they are unsure how to get started in all this mobile marketing and create a profitable strategy!

The trouble is, many local businesses who latch on to mobile generally tend to make mistakes in their mobile marketing strategies!  Here’s 5 ways you can incorporate mobile marketing across other channels of marketing WITHOUT making mistakes!

1)    Create a QR code campaign and send them to a mobile optimised website with your details and a CLICK TO CALL.

This is the simplest form of mobile marketing. The trouble is, I’ve seen many local businesses create a QR code and then send customers to a NOT SO WELL optimised site that looks awful on a mobile device.

That’s a lost customer already!  ALWAYS send your customers to a PAGE that is WELL OPTIMISED for Mobile!

2)    Create a QR code and send them to a Facebook page which has a COUPON for a discount on it. Alternatively, you could set up an SMS marketing campaign and have them sent to the Facebook page – with the coupon!

3)    Set up an SMS marketing campaign and collect both their email and SMS numbers (with permission of course,) so you can market to them both via SMS and email!

Remember, when you are collecting SMS numbers or email, you need to offer them something of VALUE, either a discount or a coupon or a FREE GIFT!

4)    If you’ve seen those TV ads on PPI, or on Pay Day Loans, then you’ll know they use SMS to send you a FREE PACK or INFORMATION GUIDE. They also have the link to their Facebook fan page or Twitter, and ask for your email address!

5)    Create a QR code and then send them to a MOBILE SQUEEZE PAGE to COLLECT THEIR EMAIL!

Again, this is another great strategy that if done right can bear fruit – especially if you are a local business and can offer discounts, coupons or FREEBIES of samples to potential customers!

Remember, when using mobile, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  QR codes are great because they are easy to create, and you can DIRECT leads to any TYPE of page you want! So start getting your juices flowing, and see how you can fit mobile marketing into your multi-channel marketing RIGHT NOW.

Chris Gaynor is a mobile marketing consultant and specializes in showing rather than telling SME’s how to get started in mobile marketing.

Visit today to find out how we can help in your mobile marketing campaigns.

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