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Have you been laid off, terminated, downsized, fired, forced to retire or perhaps you chose to retirement?

For whatever reason, are you looking for a way to rid yourself of the boredom and get back into the work force? How about replacing or supplementing your income while you are at it? I mean really, working is not just about making money but it is a nice motivator. If you answered yes then keep reading…

The days of the age old advice – get a good education and get a good paying job with a good pension are over for most of us. Actually that advice has never been true for many who heeded it.

There are countless university and college graduates who never managed to get work in their field of study. Some of those who did are finding themselves unemployed and from no fault of their own.

The world has changed since the days when that plan “good Education…” worked. Globalization, outsourcing and technology made that mantra obsolete along with millions of good paying jobs, maybe even yours.

Hi! My name is Jake McAuley and I am here to tell you that despite all the doom and gloom – the future is better than you think. But it’s up to you.

If you were or are the target of corporate layoffs downsizing, rightsizing or capsizing, if your career has been deemed redundant by the powers that be you are probably not feeling all that inspire at the moment. However, consider this – your pink slip may just be your ticket to a better life.

I know. It’s tough, insulting and even degrading but it doesn’t have to be that way. My advice to you is this: As soon as you can! get over it and take control of your future. Find out how you can use or adapt your dedication, skills and work ethic to benefit you and those you would like to help. It might not be easy at first but it will be worth it. If you do it right you will be able to create a life of financial and time freedom that you never knew was possible. One step at a time will get the job done.

I would like to tell you a story about a black bear in Montana that was scrounging for food in a small community. Food was a little scarce in the bush so he followed his nose and found a smorgasbord on a night before garbage day.

The local residents reported the nuisance bear and the authorities came, captured him and put him in a cage in the local zoo. When the bear woke up from his sedation he went crazy running around the cage and banging his head against the metal bars. He smashed around like that for a few days until his head became the sore and bloody. Once he calmed down the zoo keepers began to push food through the bars with a long stick. But bear was starving and had no choice but to devour the handout. This went on for several years. The zoo keepers would place the bear’s food just inside the bars at the same time every day. The bear would stroll over and eat the food; it was like payment for letting people see him in captivity and marvel over the once wild and free life he had long ago in a bush far away. The bear had lost his taste for fresh salmon, rabbit and berries that he found in his natural habitat – he was wild and free no more. You might say he got used to a regular pay check and forgot who he really was.

Realizing that there had lost its wild instinct the zoo keepers decided it was time to take the cage away and let the bear have some freedom on the zoo grounds. Many people thought it wasn’t wise because the bear was so wild and furious when they captured him. They thought he might to go crazy an attack the other animals or even them but they decided to go ahead and remove the cage. To their surprise once the cage was removed the bear did not wander past the invisible barriers were the bars once defined his world. The zoo keepers placed the bear’s food just outside where the bars once were. The bear would not even venture past the barrier he perceived to get his food.

It’s kinda sad don’t you think? A once magnificent beast who roamed the forests of Montana had been reduced to such an existence. To me having a JOB is similar. It’s comfortable and safe (sort of) but someone or something else is really in control of your life.

The good news for us is we are not bears. If we have been laid off it’s like the caged has been removed, we have been set free and our future is ours to do with what we want. Fortunately for us we have a much bigger brain than the bear and it’s easier for us to relearn what it’s like to be free and in control. For sure there is a learning curve, we have to learn to adapt our skills but it’s not insurmountable.

Someone once told me “there are lots of ways to make money”. Because of the Internet that statement has never been truer. Perhaps there are too many opportunities these days and it’s hard to find the right one but there is a right one for you – but like I said before, it’s up to you.

Personally I have tried a lot of different business models with a variety of different compensation plans. I have had success with some and I have fallen flat in my face with others. The good thing is I’ve never stopped looking for the right opportunity and guess what – have found one that I really like.

The one I like is exactly opposite of the corporate scene. It is what I call un-corporate. It was founded by a couple of young fellows who are sick and tired of all the BS. I really like these guys they have deep hearts, passion, and a real desire to make a difference, they are also marketing mavericks. They have put together a business that pays affiliates, those who want to share this business with others, 100% commissions for the products that their prospects purchase. What are the products? Just what people need to help them re-purpose their skills and work ethic, to replace or supplement the income they earned from their JOB, if of course they still have one?

I know you are probably suspicious and skeptical but I gotta tell ya this stuff is real and has helped many people who have been in worse shape than you when they started. My point is it will work for you if you put the skills you learn in the training to work. It’s like science. Can you image how great it will feel when you drive over to your old boss in the clothes that you want to wear driving the car that you have always wanted to drive? It’s something many people dream about! It will feel great! You just might want to send him or her an mp3 of the classic song we all want to sing to those who have held us back – “Take this job and shove it!” - Oh happy day!

Go ahead click the link below, submit your email address, join us and fight the forces of evil. We will help you get your mojo back. We will help you find a path to the freedom that your soul cries out for.

Start to work with me directly today and we will see ya on the beaches of the world tomorrow! Here’s the link:

Jake McAuley, from the home of the Big Nickle.

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